Pruning & Mulching

Pruning & Mulching

Expert Tree Pruning & Mulching for Healthy Trees & Gardens in the Perth Hills & Surrounding Areas

Payne’s Tree Services don’t just remove trees in Perth; we also maintain them. Whether your tree is getting too tall and getting close to power lines or needs some shaping and maintenance, we can help. With our extensive tree knowledge, we’ll carefully prune your trees to ensure they’re safe and stay healthy. And once we’ve pruned your trees to perfection, we’ll mulch the branches and take everything off-site, leaving your yard clear and tidy. If you’d like to keep the mulch for your garden, we can do that too!

Tree Pruning

Expert Tree Pruning for Enhanced Tree Health and Safety

Payne’s Tree Services offer professional tree pruning services that not only improve the aesthetic appearance of your trees but also ensure their health and promote growth. Our certified team can tackle any pruning job, whether crown lifting or thinning. Pruning also helps clear away dead or broken branches that could fall off during storms – creating a safer environment for you and your family. 

Mulching & Green Waste Recycling

Payne’s Tree Services offers a comprehensive mulching and green waste recycling service to turn your tree branches and debris into a useful product for the garden. Our experienced team will chip and mulch on-site. Once we’ve completed the job, we can leave the mulch for you to use for gardening or take it off the property, leaving no mess behind.

Free Mulch Collection

We can organise a collection if you would like free mulch from one of our jobs. Call us on 0455 132 014, and we’ll let you know where and when our next mulching job is so you can meet us at the site and collect as much mulch as you need.

For quality pruning or free mulch collection, call 0455 132 014 or message us.

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